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19,943 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 22, 2010 Game Version: 3.3.0

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Eloquence is a chat mod which attempts to filter as much of the stupidity out of the chat window as it can. PLEASE READ THE FULL DESCRIPTION, IT WILL ANSWER MOST QUESTIONS YOU MIGHT HAVE.

Dec. 15th, '10

I've pretty much had no luck getting the convoluted mess that is Elo's code updated for the latest WoW API. I hate to say it, but I don't know that I ever will. As a caretaker of a 9 year old autistic boy I am finding it difficult to set aside time to work on Elo. The last person that had signed on to help me has been quite absent of late as well. So, once again I'm asking if anyone out there that has Lua experience would like to come on board/take over and get Elo updated/rewritten to be fully functional again, I'd be ever so grateful :) Comment or PM me, thanks. Sorry to anyone that (like me) had come to depend on Elo to keep the chat frame (especially /2) looking like people knew how to speak proper English. Hopefully it doesn't die here...


UPDATE: A new faster way to tell Elo to skip Profession and Achievement links that I've just discovered is to put the words "htrade" and "hachievement" into the Elo Skipword category detailed at the bottom of this description. As WoW links (the part you don't see without using Devtools :D) are configured like this (using First Aid for an example) :

|cffffd000|Htrade:27028:375:375:3111EE:xG{_yK|h[First Aid]|h|r

by telling Elo to skip htrade, it will automatically skip all Profession links, since Elo can see all those parts of chat you normally don't see. Same for Achievements.

Don't know why it never occurred to me to try that before. This will make it much faster to set up a skipword for each alt you may have. :) I still am working on figuring out how the code originally skipped links prior to Prof/Achieve links being added to the game, and adding them into it thus sparing the end user from having to make Elo Skipword lists in the first place.


What Is It? Eloquence is a linguistic mod that gives you control over communication. You can apply different levels of chat filters for yourself and others, trim long messages into clickable links, modify channel headers, apply colors to players' names, and manage spam in lots of ways.

I. Filters Eloquence's biggest feature is the selectable filter settings. Anyone can appreciate its spell-checking and caps-squashing filters, while roleplayers will enjoy the various dialects. You can filter your own chat to other players, or you can keep your filtered experience totally private.

AVAILABLE FILTERS Spell Book The most basic yet important filter. Corrects common spelling and grammatical errors, reduces out-of-control repetition, and keeps people from shouting with all caps.

Decompression Engine Expands Warcraft and MMO acronyms. Translates cryptic expressions like "288 lw lfw!" and "LF1M SMA PREF TANK!!!" into plain English

Emote Whiz Verbalizes smilies, emoticons, and other ideogrammatic expressions.

Mouthwash Replaces profanity and offensive words with more acceptable euphemisms.

Fantasy Writer Rewrites many modern, out-of-character expressions with those found in fantasy literature.

Dialectician Each speaker will speak in an accent or dialect based on his or her race. Eloquence detects player's races through a variety of means, but sometimes this isn't possible. Players of an unknown race are filtered using Fantasy Writer.

ALLIANCE DIALECTS Human: In-character speech with some phrases like "King's honor, friend."
Dwarf: Everything's in Scots! "Ah'm no' shuir if that wull wirk, laddie."
Night Elf: Some Darnassian like "Asha'falah" and slightly formal language (few contractions).
Gnome: Quirky, brainy vocabulary and folksy cliches.
Draenei: Few contractions and some Draenei words.

HORDE DIALECTS Orc: A few Orcish words and phrases like "Lok'tar" and "Zug zug".
Tauren: Formal language with some race-specific sayings like "Winds be at your back!"
Troll: Thick Jamaican basilectic patois with some Trollish like "Tas'dingo!"
Undead: A slight hiss that intensifies when they get excited. Several Forsaken sayings.
Blood Elf: Proud and cocky, with some phrases in Thelassian.

II. Chat Links Eloquence offers two styles of Clickable Chat Links that trims long messages and tags them at the end. Clicking them will reveal the original (long) message. This way you can keep enchanters and guild recruiters from clogging your chat window! (Due to the way links are handled, it doesn't work on messages that contain linked items).

III. Headers a. Eloquence can shorten common channel headers like "[1. General]" into a number "[4.]" or letter "[G.]". Several display styles are available.
b. Eloquence can color players' names based on their class and add their level, if Eloquence knows them. You can have players whose classes are unknown are assigned a random color if you wish. Eloquence can also color player's names inside chat messages for easy recognition.

IV. Display Options

Eloquence features multiple miscellaneous display options to give you more control over what you see in your chat window. The options window has checkboxes for suppressing chat spam, duel announcements, drunk/sober messages, coin spam, brackets, and PvP ranks.

V. Player Data

Some features need Eloquence to know something about a player speaking. These are the race-specific Level 4 filter and the "Names of Known Players" setting. If these options are enabled, Eloquence will passively gather info on your friends, party/raid/guild members, and players you mouse-over. You can also have Eloquence actively gather data when you change zones and talk to NPCs. A slider lets you choose how long to keep data. You can see how many player entries Eloquence has gathered, and purge the list if you wish.

VI. Text Commands

You can apply custom filters. For example, typing "/elo add gz = grats" (without quotes) will tell Eloquence to turn "gz" (as a whole word) into "grats". Custom filters are applied before Eloquence's are, so you can override the defaults this way too. For example, type "/elo add woot = woot" to keep Eloquence from altering the word "woot".

You can tell Eloquence to not filter certain players or channels. Type "/elo skip Thrakzor" (without quotes) to let Thrakzor's chat appear normally. Type "/elo channel Addon" to keep the custom channel "Addon" from being filtered at all.

You can also tell Eloquence to skip specific words. Type "/elo skipword (X)" (without quotes) to let any chat with word X appear unfiltered. EX: "/elo skipword achievement" will tell Eloquence NOT to filter any messages that appear in the chat frame with the word achievement in them. You will have to do this for every toon you have for now, I will work on getting profiles into the code in the future, if necessary (if I fix the links bug then this becomes much less of a hassle heh)


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