ElFramo 3

681 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 2, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.1

ElFramo is a simple but powerful unit frame addon able to provide a clean unit frame setup with heavily customisable ways to track buffs, debuffs, and more. This addon was initially created for personal use, hence a potential lack of 'common' features that I did not need for myself (such as Clique support, heal predictions or easy previews).



- A simple interface with many options

- Very lightweight (as long as you dont go crazy with silly custom settings)

- Allows multiple layouts of unit frames active at the same time (niche but neat)

- Can track single auras, or white/blacklists that expand automatically

- Load elements on specific classes or roles, and in specific instances

- Sort elements in groups for a clean customization interface

- Track incoming enemy casts with whitelists on your frames (needs visible nameplates for non-boss casts)

- Track unit chat messages on your frames(niche but neat)




Open the options window by typing /ef3 in your chat and then enter




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