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This is a number style nameplates addon, also have bar style. 

Just edit config.lua to change them. I suggest use Notepad++ to edit lua file. save file and /reload wow after change.


  • Show Health Percent
  • Custom Aura Filter by Spell ID
    • Based on Blizzard nameplate spell list.
    • Add missing part list, such as Tauren's War Stomp.
  • Custom Power Filter by Npc ID
    • Default list include Temple of Sethraliss 1st boss, other should add by yourself
  • Custom Color Filter by Npc ID
    • Default list include Explosives, other should add by yourself
    • Explosives is Cyan
  • Highlight for Target, Focus and Mouseover
  • Cast bar:
    • Default Interruptable color is Gray, non-interruptable is Pink.
    • Can edit by your self.
  • Threat color:
    1. Red: tanking
    2. Pink: insecurely tanking, another unit have higher threat but not tanking.
    3. Pruple: not tanking, but higher threat than tank.
    4. Blue: not tanking, lower threat than tank.
  • Bar style:
    • Just a normal nameplate.
    • Threat color on health bar.
  • Number style:
    • Cast bar style:
      • Icon style: show interrupt staus on icon border.
      • Bar style: normal cast bar.
    • Hide health percent if it's full.
    • Threat color on name.


  • NO in-game config. if you really need GUI and heavy edit, try use other nameplates, much better then EKPlates.
  • CANNOT show friendly nameplates in Dungeon, either blizzard default friendly nameplates. Boss mod was gone since patch 7.2.
    • Please dont enable friendly nameplates in dungeons. you will see nothing even raid mark.
    • If you feel uncomfortable without friendly nameplate, use another nameplate addon.
  • DO NOT use with other nameplate addon
    • Such as TargetNameplatesIndicator, because target arrow is include.)

This addon base on Infinity Plates(old version), stand alone from Altz_UI(legion version)All credit to Dawn and Paopao.

Main Git: EKplates , also alpha version here
Archive: EKplates_Archive
Curse link: EKplates

I won't implement new features I personally not use or need. I'm not good at lua.

You can use English/Traditional Chinese(正體中文)/Simplified Chinese(简体中文) when feedback.


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