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XFaction is a World of Warcraft add-on that enables guilds of a confederate to share a common guild chat, including guilds of different factions. In patch 9.2.5, Blizzard enabled cross-faction raiding and instance runs. Many Eternal Kingdom (EK) guild members switched from Alliance to Horde but without GreenWall, members could no longer communicate and the sense of community began to breakdown. Many aspects of feeling like being in a guild together were no longer working; such as seeing when guild mates logged in/out, seeing that a guild mate got an achievement, seeing who is currently online, etc.


XFaction uses a variety of communication channels to share player information and chat communication to enable players to see each other, as if in the same guild. The core principle is to try to duplicate as much Blizzard guild functionality across the confederate so members do not feel like they are in separate guilds, but within the same (big) guild. Essentially we're creating an illusion (I <3 Nightborne).


For a more detailed description of how the add-on does what it does, please reference the wiki or FAQ

For support, please enter a ticket on GitHub


What is included

  • Merged guild chat across guilds/realms/factions in the confederate
  • When a player comes online or goes offline
  • When a player gets an achievement
  • Guild roster DT that provides full confederate roster view across guilds/realms/factions with visibility of the following attributes: 
  •    Achievement points
  •    Class
  •    Faction
  •    Guild
  •    Guild rank
  •    Item level
  •    Level
  •    M+ rating
  •    Main character name (if configured)
  •    Name
  •    Note
  •    Professions
  •    PvP rating
  •    Race
  •    Raid progress
  •    Realm
  •    Spec
  •    Team (if applicable)
  •    Zone
  •  Links DT that provides visibility into what BNet links the add-on is currently using 
  • Metrics DT that provides visibility into add-on performance metrics


Dependencies (included)

  • Ace3
  •   Config
  •   ConfigDialog (MSA version)
  •   DB
  •   DBOptions
  •   GUI
  •   Locale
  • AceGUI ShareMediaWidget
  • CallbackHandler
  • ChatThrottleLib (*modified to work w BNet)
  • LibDataBroker
  • LibDeflate
  • LibQTip
  • LibSharedMedia
  • LibStub
  • LibTourist


Optional Dependencies

  • BugGrabber
  • BugSack
  • DebugLog
  • RaiderIO