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This is my attempt to keep Grayhoof's addon alive as I am kind of addicted to it since 2008!


I am pleased to announced that this simple, elegant and addictive addon will be updated on Curse Forge as I have been added as the author to the project, until, hopefully the man himself shows up soon :pray: While I am not a pro addon developer but I feel confident about the code base of EavesDrop and I will do my best to keep it alive (it's been around for 16 years now!)

Some of the code to update Eavesdrop from 7.x to 8.0 is done by domzae, upon which I added required changes from BFA, SL and now DF. If you feel you have contributed to this code base and you should get credited, please contact me.

The goal is to make this work under latest game version (currently 10.x). Please report any issues or bugs on the project's Github page.

What does it do?

A simple combat log that shows events (such as damage, heal, buff/debuff...), using icons and colors to make it easy to find important information by a quick skim. It separates incoming events (left side) from outgoing events (right side) from misc. events (middle).

What all can it show?

  • Your hits, spells, misses, heals, etc...
  • Incoming damage, spells, heals, buffs, debuffs, etc...
  • Power gain
  • Honor, Reputation, Skill, and Experience gain
  • Mob/People you have slain
  • Combat start/stop
  • Timestamps and details in tooltip
  • Highest hit stat tracking for both incoming and outgoing skills.
  • Combat Summaries

Additionally, it keeps track of each spell's maximum normal and critical hits!


All events related to player will be shown in 3 columns. After each combat, a summary of incoming and outgoing heals and damage will be displayed.

  • Shift+scroll up/down will show the top/bottom of events.
  • Ctrl+scroll up/down will take you to the next/previous combat.
  • Shift+Click will copy the highlighted event to the chat edit box
  • Click the "sun clock" icon, to open history of highest values of all events, divided into healing and damage.

To customize the events (buff, debuffs, colors, values, ...), open the options window by right-click on the EavesDrop tab or entering slash command: /ed.

You can adjust the minimum damage/healing values in the options windows under Misc tab.

You can also completely exclude spells under the same tab. Enter the unwanted spell names or IDs in the Blacklist box, one spell per line. Any of the following lines will exclude Judgment:





Using addon managers

Install wago.iop app or CurseForge and search for EavesDrop in the apps to install the addon.

Manual Installation

Download the EavesDrop.zip file from either wago.io or github.com. Then follow these instructions:

  1. Go into your WoW installation folder (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft\_retail_).
  2. Go into the Interface sub-folder.
  3. Go into the AddOns sub-folder (if you don't have one, create it).
  4. Copy/Extract this addon's folder into the AddOns folder.
  5. Make sure the folder name is EavesDrop.


The following folder paths will exist within your WoW Install directory:




Look for the following (wrong) files as evidence of common mistakes:

  • If you have Interface\AddOns\EavesDrop.toc then you've extracted the zip file's contents without its folder structure, or copied the contents without the parent folder.
  • If you have Interface\AddOns\EavesDrop\EavesDrop\EavesDrop.toc then you've extracted the zip file into a folder an extra level deep. Move the files and any sub-folders up one level and remove the extra folder.
  • If you have Interface\AddOns\EavesDrop-2.8\ or similar, you need to rename it to EavesDrop.

For more detailed instructions see wowointerfaces's FAQ.


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