EasyMode: Vectis

1,091 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 28, 2018 Game Version: 8.0.1

Small note: I don't get to test the addon all too much besides a few tries every now and then. If you stumble upon anything weird, please describe your problem in the Issues tab. Also, make use of /reload if the addon starts bugging out for some reason

Quick Setup:

  • You need to dedicate 3 "meeting points". They don't have to be "awkwardly far away", just far enough for the debuff to be shared safely. Place the raidmarkers circle, star and diamond at your prefered meeting positions (best would be around the boss in melee range) and you're essentially good to go. 
  • Be sure to be allowed to issue "RAID WARNINGS". If you can write in the /rw channel, you are good to go! Don't like raid warnings? /em vectis warnings to turn them off/on!
  • [OPTIONAL] For more visibility, use /em vectis symbols this will place markers on the 6 dedicated people
    1. Blue Square and White Cescent Moon
    2. Green Triangle and Purple Diamond
    3. Orange Circle and Yellow Star

 Trouble downing Vectis because the lingering infection and Omega Vector spread across your raid uncontrollably? Camps don't work either? Well no problem!


Easymode: Vectis is a small addon that checks who in your raid has the Omega Vector and dedicates the 3 people with the lowest lingering infection to meet with them. As soon as the swap is over, people return to their position new people get assigned!


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