Dynamic Status Icons (ElvUI Plugin)

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Dynamic Status Icons

This plugin is made to work specifically with ElvUI's UnitFrames. It adds a visual indicator to show your current status such as resting, in combat, or just running around as ghost or just plain dead! Currently we only let the Player and Target UnitFrames have the icons but will most likely enable it for other frames like focus, targettarget, etc.

The addon will feature a variety of icons to chose from starting with Pepe. These icons include all costumes available to the Trans-Dimensional Bird Whistle (Toy). There are some icons based on classes that are equipped with their first available tier sets, and many more to follow!

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Unfortunate Circumstances

One of the Tukui Community staff was a victim of identity fraud and has been put in a bad financial situation. Darth, one of authors of Shadow & Light addon (another plugin for ElvUI) could use any assistance he can get. So the person behind the icons of this pack, Releaf, is offering to do some custom pepes for a donation that will be sent to him until he gets back in a good spot. Feel free to contact Releaf on Discord @ Releaf#8860