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Undeadguy - NetherWind | DungeonMaps version 0.1c



A WoW Addon to show you a map of the dungeon you're in!


-Shows you a map of the Dungeon!
-Automatically Switches to Dungeon Sub-Zone Map in Instance!


Open the Map while in Dungeon to see the Dungeon Map!
Right Click - Show World Map


#Known Issues
1. Some dungeons (SFK) have no sub-zone text, and will not automatically change maps.
2. Most dungeons have been tested but the ones I have not tested may appear Green..



* 0.1c

    * Update, Added support for Stratholme. 

* 0.1b

     * Update, Added support for Scholomance Sub-Zones. 

Thank you for downloading DungeonMaps!