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DTweaks adds the following modules and you can configure what you want to use in the Interface Addons menu or type /dt in the chat box.

-- Shows:
--- Session Playtime with player status indicator (away, busy, available).
--- Number of Guildies online and Total Guild Members.
--- Player Coordinates.
--- Latency World ## and Home(##) color coded by status.
--- Money.
--- Durability Status.
--- Blizzard Average Item Level / (equipped only itemlevel color coded by quality).
--- Frames per Second.
--- Memory used by the Lua environment (addons).
--- Total Bandwidth used by the client (up+down).

-- Show Character Currency "current and max" when mousing over Character Icon.
-- Show Character Professions "current and max" when mousing over Spell Book Icon.
-- Show Guild member list.
-- Note: Default Guild member list will be sorted by Name
--       Optional Special keys "Shift and Alt" can be pressed when mousing over.
--       Shift = Sort by Level
--       Alt = Sort by Zone
--       Each mouse over will reverse the sort "Name, Zone, Level"
--       Guild member list will not be displayed if over 75 members are online.
-- DTweaks_Micro_Bar_Tooltips disabled in Combat.

-- Shows total gold collected in mail when mail box is closed

-- Adds ability to move most default Blizzard frames by left clicking and dragging.
-- Adds ability to resize most default Blizzard frames by left clicking title bar and holding ctrl key down and using the mouse wheel.
-- position is not saved resets to default position when you reload.

-- adds option to automatically repair all items.
-- DTweaks_Auto_Repair uses Guild funds first then Personal funds.
-- report summary in chat

-- adds option to automatically sell junk/gray items at merchant.
-- includes option to create junklist of items you want to auto sell
-- report junk/gray sell summary to chat. JunkList items will have * in chat summary

-- adds option to automatically switch reputation watch bar when you gain rep.

-- Adds a nice shaded bar to bottom of screen.

-- Allows Chatbox to be moved to edge/botom of screen.

-- Moves the chat input box from bottom to top.

-- General = GEN, Trade = T, LFG = Looking For Group
-- G = Guild, P = Party, PL = Party Leader, O = Officer
-- R = Raid, RL = Raid Leader, RW = Raid Warning
-- WD = WorldDefense, LocalDefence = LD, GR = GuildRecruitment
-- I = Instance, IL = Instance Leader

-- Hides the default bar backgrounds for cleaner look.

-- Hides the default griffins.

-- Auto type DELETE in popup confirmation window when deleting item from bag.

-- Adds castbar timer to bottom of default castbar.

-- Print to chat the Highest Vendor price quest reward.

-- adds target of target info to default tool tip.

-- loots with out the pop up loot window.
-- "If you hold the shift key while looting the pop up window will be displayed".

-- Allows you zoom camera out to max distance with the mouse scroll button.

-- Adds movable bar showing pet XP and %. Click on "Pet-XP:" text to drag and move."
-- second line that shows up after an XP gain that will tell you how many more kills of the same amount are needed to level up.
-- Bar is hidden if Hunter is same level as pet.

 /rl (reload_ui) /rc (ready_check) /cr (check_role)
 /lg (say "Thanks for Group" and leave group)
 /dt Options:
   /dt (opens in game configuration panel)
   /dt list (list items in junklist)
   /dt add <itemlink> (add item to junklist)
   /dt rem <itemlink> (remove item from junklist)
   /dt clear (remove all items from junklist)
   /dt help (print this list)

-- Creats an overlay grid on screen to help align movable UI objects.
-- "Usage: '/sg'  Toggles screen grid on and off