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ClassicPlates Plus


ClassicPlates Plus is a nameplates addon that adds additional features and new updated Classic-themed visuals.



  • Buffs and Debuffs tracking
  • Threat status
  • Class colors and Icons
  • Personal nameplate
  • Power bar (mana, rage, energy, etc...)
  • NPC Classification (rare, elite, world boss, etc...)
  • and many more...


How to move Personal Nameplate

You can move personal nameplate in Classic Era and Wrath by holding down CTRL and dragging it with Left Mouse Button.


Consider supporting this project

You can support this project with one time donation or a subscription


You can also support the project with gold if you are paying on Pyrewood Village (EU) - Wrath of the Lich King

  • Alliance character name: Platesally
  • Horder character name: Plateshorde

All gold will go towards subscription (Tokens)



Feel free to contact me on Discord or check my Github page