34,847 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 11, 2022 Game Version: 3.4.0  

This addon aims to simplify consume/powershifting macros as much as possible, making them more readable and massively reduce the character count.

Credit to:

  • Fyroth and Zia for coming up / bringing to attention this improved method of powershifting
  • PsiloShift / Psilocybin-Mograine(H) for providing inspiration to further improve the addon
  • The youtuber griftin for bringing those macro to my attention (see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAjeA4ZokyY )

The addon allows your macros to prevent shifting out of form if:

  • You are stunned/feared/...
  • You are on global cooldown
  • You don't have enough mana to shift back
    And optionally:
  • If specific items are on cooldown


For examples, a more detailed description or reporting errors please visit the github page: https://github.com/ForsakenNGS/DruidMacroHelper


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