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The Dressing Room Extraordinaire! DressUp extends the default functionality of the dressing room feature to give you more control over previewing your character.

DressUp adds buttons to display currently previewed items and allows you to hide items you don't want to preview by right clicking the item icon or undress all. You can also preview your character with different race and gender, switch the default background of preview screen to something else and dim it. In addition to that DressUp also makes the Dressing Room window resizable.

With DressUp you can share your previewed items and outfits to other people who are using the addon as well. Click the speech bubble icon in either character panel or dressing room and type in recipient name.

Lastly by default the clunky and small side dressing room panel that is displayed when previewing items from the Auction House or Void Storage is switched to the fully fledged dressing room. This feature can be disabled but the side dressing room panel will not have the aforementioned features.

The addon also extends the character info panel. Holding alt key while character info panel is open will display the item level of equipped items.


DressUp will automatically load when previewing items on your character. The few options you can change are found by clicking the cogwheel icon in the bottom left corner of the dressing room window.

To change the background hold Control and scroll using mouse wheel while keeping mouse over the dressing room window. If you press middle mouse button while holding Control key the background will be changed to a featureless one.

DressUp also adds slash commands to open the dressing room: /dressup and /dressingroom.


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