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Dragonflight UI Classic

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DragonflightUI classic

World of Warcraft (classic) Addon to bring the new Retail UI to WoW Classic!


Minimalistic - Modern - Modular

No carbon copy of the new retail Dragonflight UI, but a faithful adaption with extra, classic related features.

Beta, but battle-tested inside Naxx and Ulduar, and in active development (please report any bug you might find, and feel free to request new features!).

Based on the default UI, so most other addons should work without problems.

Completely modular: (de-)/activate any feature you want or don't want!

Customizable through ingame interface options (type '/dragonflight' or '/df' ) with profile support.

Hidden content (e.g. rare/elite marke on special pets, hunter approved!).

Fast hotfixes for bugs, and frequent updates with new features.


De-/activate any modul under InterfaceOptions/Addons/DragonflightUI (or type: '/dragonflight' or '/df !) and '/reload'.


  • Actionbar
  • Castbar
  • Chat
  • Minimap
  • Unitframe

Known Issues

  • ...

Possible Features coming soon

  • enhanced Tooltips
  • complete UI Texture overhaul
  • Era (/hardcore) specific features


Developed for default Blizzard UI, but should work on any UI.

Official supported Game Versions: Wotlk Classic and Era

If you want to support the development, like and share, but if you're feeling extra kind, you can buy me a slice of pizza.. Thanks!