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Dragon Rider


This project aims to bring more information to help maximize dragonriding vigor usage and speed without being burdensome and still matching the general game style.

Currently this addon includes:

  • A speedometer capable of telling speed in yd/s
  • Status bar built in to speedometer that changes color depending on if you're actively gaining vigor or above terminal velocity
  • animated Vigor orbs when the bar is filled
  • Dragon race score journal accessible with /dragonrider journal
  • Dragon race notification tracker (for multiplayer races and so on)

Some of the planned features:

  • Detection notification for nearby dragon glyphs
  • Cooldown timers for each major spell
  • More custom art & options to customize the UI


The project is fairly early in conception. It may take some time to fully flesh out these features - the goal will be to have some of the more basic features implemented for the Kalimdor / Eastern Kingdoms Cups, and to help with the future challenging races.


A link to my discord for addon projects and other things can be found here.