Doom Shards

167,677 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 3, 2017 Game Version: 7.1.5

What is Doom Shards?

Doom Shards is a World of Warcraft: Legion addon which integrates Doom tracking into a Soul Shard display.


Shows your currently available Soul Shards and displays the time until next Doom tick per target and therefore your next Soul Shard.
It doubles as a Soul Shard display when not running Demonology.
There's a plethora of available options like indicators resource gain and spending for the current cast, color changes when hitting Shard cap, and animations

WeakAuras Interface

Provides an interface with WeakAuras2 if you want to build your own display. The in-game settings provide documentation.

Slash Commands

Slash Commands are "/ds" and "/doomshards". You can quick toggle the display frames with "/ds lock" and "/ds unlock".

Reporting Bugs

Please report bugs on the project's issue tracker.


You can offer suggestions on the issue tracker, too, or reach out to me in the comments or via PM.


We are currently looking for translators! Check the localization page if you want to contribute.


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