Domination Socket Helper

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  • Prevents you from destroying a Domination Shard in the following ways:
           1. Dragging a shard into a Domination Socket when a shard is already socketed into the item
           2. Destroying a Domination socketed item by dragging it out of your bag
           3. Destroying an upgraded Domination Shard by dragging it out of your bag
           4. Using the Soulfire Chisel to remove a shard when your bags are full
           5. Disenchanting an item with a socketed Domination Shard
           6. Selling an item socketed with a Domination Shard to a vendor
  • Adds a "Remove" button next to the Domination Socket for 1-click removal of the shard (This only works if you have a chisel in your inventory)
  • Adds a Domination Shard tray below the socket window for easy access to all shards that are in your inventory.
  • Easily save and load shard sets without the need to socket each item individually (with LDB support)


Block Frame and Remove Button

Example Blocks

Shard Window

Shard Sets



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