197 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 25, 2021 Game Version: 9.0.2

In-game rotation builder addon to display custom buildable next action to press.


Weak Aura to display highest priority action:




DNA is a simplified refactor of the Nemo addon I started a long time ago. The goal of DNA is to provide an in game rotation editor like Nemo had but without all the overhead of action button lookups and glow bindings. DNA instead provides some globals and information to Weak Auras to let users really customize what they want to see via Weak Auras. DNA is just the engine that selects the highest priority based on the rotation you design.


  • Build and adjust rotation priorities in game
  • data broker integration (titanpanel, data texts)
  • export rotations
  • import rotations
  • send rotations to in game names
  • Weak Auras event to display highest priority action