27,954 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 20, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.5

Dark Jaguar Bags

A Bag addon that sorts items into categories defined by Blizzard.


  • Shows item level.
  • MOGIT support.
  • Clear new items with the clear items button next to search bar.
  • Restack items: Restack items for bags with the restack button. (could cause lag if pressed multiple times)
  • Pawn Support.
  • Add custom categories (ALT + Left mouse button on an item you wish to change the category for)
  • Remove single item from new items: ALT + Right mouse button
  • Settings for all bags: number of columns, categories.
  • BoA & BoE categories.

Upcoming Features:

  • Setting number of items per row. (sizing)
  • Spacing between containers and items.
  • Scaling of entire window.
  • More special categories (Heirlooms, etc)


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