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Dismounter is a simple addon that will automatically get off of your mount when you perform and action that needs you to be mountless. Also will remove ghost wolf on error and when not in combat. Designed to work with World of Warcraft Classic


Important Note

You will get off of your mount but you must cast the spell or perform the same action again.



Dismounter will dismount you in the following scenarios:

- Attacking while mounting (auto attack, mele spell, caster spell).

- Casting a spell such as Stealth.

- Picking herbs or ores.

- Talking to the flight master

- Crafting a profesion item

It will also remove ghost wolf form when on error and not while in combat


Example of use

1. You are currently mounted and you want to cast a spell to an NPC.

2. Dismounter enters in action and you are no longer in a mount.

3. You have to cast again the spell


Feel free to contribute, report bugs or to ask for suggestions


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