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 Originally designed to specifically suit the needs of the League of Lordaeron (Moon Guard), DiceMaster has gradually grown in functionality over time, and the unexpected interest of the larger roleplaying community has prompted our team to release an public version of the addon.


A special thanks to Rennae-Moon Guard for their help writing essential code for DiceMaster and bringing it to CurseForge!

The primary goal of DiceMaster is to improve and simplify the use of "combat systems" in the roleplay community. DiceMaster provides players with the tools to create tabletop-style roleplaying events which include:

 Design custom, character-specific traits to represent your character's unique abilities and bonuses. You can add custom buff effects, inspect other players' traits, and even link them in chat. 

 Use the Dice Panel (or the /dice command) to roll in standard D20 notation with multiple dice, up to 13,476 sides, and a custom modifier. Even group members without DiceMaster can see these rolls!

 Track your character's health and other custom resources with intuitive status bars. You can choose a different look for this resource, inspect other players' health and resources, and more. 


/dicemaster config
/dicemaster scale (number)
/dicemaster (show | hide)
/dicemaster charges (show | hide)
/dicemaster chargesname (name)
/dicemaster maxcharges (number)
/dicemaster chargescolor (r g b)
/dicemaster showraidrolls (true | false)
/dicemaster tracker (show | hide)
/dicemaster trackerscale (number)
/dicemaster progressbar (show || hide)
/dicemaster (lock | unlock)

For more information on how to set up DiceMaster or using its specific features and functions, please refer to the Using DiceMaster Guide. DiceMaster is created and maintained without profit for free use; however, donations in any amount are greatly appreciated to help support the addon’s longevity. If you wish to pledge your support, please send all contributions here via PayPal.


Also, join our official Discord server: https://discord.gg/XnXchpq




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