16.04.10 New Version:
- Uses Message Groups and Event Filters
- Uses WoWAce Localization feature
- Added LDB support

/dev/null makes your life in WoW more pleasant by ignoring various chat annoyances.

Thanks to Jncl for all his work on this addon.

When you enter a capital city:

It will ignore people who /yell. It will ignore spammy NPCs (ie. Ironforge bread vendor, Topper McNab in Stormwind etc). It will ignore duel spam (A has defeated B in a duel). It will ignore emotes except those directed at yourself. It will ignore drunk spam (X looks tipsy). It will ignore tradeskill spam.

When you enter an instance or battleground: It will mute the general channel.

All features can be toggled with the slash command /devnull.