Last Updated: Jan 6, 2019 Game Version: 8.1.0


Jul 28, 2016

Owner: Monk3yDev


Addon searching items in personal container which later will be disenchanted, milled or prospected. Items which do not meet requirements are omited from the search. Additional DestroyusPro macros automatically collect all materials from the loot window.

Settings panel for DestroyusPro

  • /despro
  • Quality of item for Disenchanting
  • Turn off/on printout in chatbox from macros
  • Create/Delete DestroyusPro macros
  • All created macros can be found in the /macro
  • Calibration mass techniques can be done under /despro


To use properly mass techniques "calibration" of the actual learned recipes must be performed, before starting using mass mill/prospecting macros. One time is enough. In case of any problem calibration can be reused.


Mass mill/prospecting macros must be pressed 3 times in a row during 2 seconds to select properly recipe and amount of repeating.

  1. First usage open TradeSkill,
  2. Second usage select recipe and amount,
  3. Third usage start work.


"DesProDisenchant" Disenchant items from the selected quality in the settings


"DesProMilling" Classic milling for all herbs


"DesProProspect" Classic prospecting for all ores

Mass milling from the "Battle for Azeroth" expansion

"DesProMMAzeroth" will mill herbs by using mass mill spells from the "Battle for Azeroth" expansion.

Mass prospecting from the "Battle for Azeroth" expansion 

"DesProMPAzeroth" will prospect ores by using mass prospect spell's from the "Battle for Azeroth" expansion.

Mass milling from the "Legion" expansion

"DesProMMLegion" will mill herbs by using mass mill spell's from the "Legion" expansion.

Mass prospecting from the "Legion" expansion

"DesProMPLegion" will prospect ores by using mass prospect spell's from the "Legion" expansion.

Additional information

Be awear that macros can select items which you do not want disenchant, mill or prospect.

DestroyusPro work with

English, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, French and Asian languages game client.

Language localization

In other game clients than English, players can see english words. Please send me message with transalte this words to your language.

Raporting bugs, problems

Please report suspicious behavior, bugs, problems which could be invoked by addon.


Any comments, feeds back, suggestions are welcome. They will be very helpful for the improving addon.

Lower versions than 0.1.8 info


Creating macro

  • /disenchantus macro
  • /millingus macro
  • /millingus macrolegion
  • /prospectingus macro
  • /prospectingus macrolegion

Check in the macros if current macro was created.

Managing macro

How to set disenchanting item quality.

On the start only uncommon items will be checked from bag.

Will set items to uncommon

  • /disenchantus uncommon
  • /disenchantus 2

Will set items to rare

  • /disenchantus rare
  • /disenchantus 3

Will set items to epic

  • /disenchantus epic
  • /disenchantus 4
Turn off/on printout in chatbox from macros
  • /destroyuspro offinfo
  • /destroyuspro oninfo


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