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27,414 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 11, 2019 Game Version: 8.2.0

This is a collection of miscellaneous, useful utilities all in one.  Some of the highlights are auto-mailing between alts once set up, chat alert system that checks WoD, Legion, and BfA missions/world quests for unobtained mounts or selected goodies, and the merchant feature which sells or buys items from a vendor automatically based on set up.


Nothing is turned on by default.  Everything from start to finish is user selected.  "/dtb" to open the menu.


Incorporated (or partially incorporated) utilities are:

Def's Action Bars (for copying/pasting action bars from one character to another like that new allied race)

Def's Addon Control (for speeding up turning addons on/off between open world, PvE instances, and PvP instances)

Def's Camera Zoom (for increasing the max zoom out distance beyond the default setting)

Def's Class Colored Chat (for class colored names in the chat box)

Def's Gryphon Removal Service (for hiding the default gryphons from the Blizzard action bars)

Def's Healing Damage FCT Removal (for hiding the healing and damage numbers in the floating combat text)

Def's No Buff Filter On Target (for removing the the buff/debuff filter on the target frame)

Def's Objective Combat Toggle (for hiding quests during combat)

Def's PlayerHitIndicator Be Gone(for hiding the numbers on the player hit indicator on the player frame)

Def's Sapped (which outputs in a say when you are sapped)

Def's Tooltip (For hiding tooltips when in combat except when mousing over buffs/debuffs)

Def's Vendor and Junk Service (for selling grey items, unusable armor, other items, and repairing)

Def's Whisper Sound (louder sound upon whisper messages)


If you try this all in one collection and are currently using one of the previously listed stand alone Def's addons then delete the stand alone.  Once this addon gets farther along I'll push updates to those stand alones which render them deprecated and disabled if this collection is installed.


 It is actively being worked so bugs are fixed and code added and more bugs introduced on a daily basis.


"/dtb" to open the main menu.  The menu will change and become "more polished" right before changing from alpha/beta to release status, but for now it's usable and the emphasis in coding is on the underlying functions.





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