0.1.12 fixes an issue with the latest patch (client version 1.15.02)! Make sure to update.

If you find an issue please send an email to yazpadfb@gmail.com or find me on discord at username yazpadfb 


A WoW Era Hardcore addon which provides a ui for exploring the deathlog and death statistics. NOTE I am currently looking for more deathlog data! Please consider reaching out (discord lakai.#2409) to share your deathlog data. Current 96k entries, goal 500k.

SEE WIKI FOR OFFLINE STATS The wiki will be updated as the database grows

Feel free to use the database for any purpose! Database 96k


This addon is completely safe to run alongside the Hardcore addon. Alternatively, this addon can be run without the Hardcore addon running, however, it does not provide verification for the solo self-found challenge.


Faction-wide Death notification compatibility with the Hardcore addon

  • Emits notifications when your character dies
  • Receives and records incoming death notifications
  • Can be set to guild only

Highly customizable Death Alerts


Browse the Deathlog

  • Search by name, level, class, race, etc..


Deathlog Statistics per Zone

  • Fully functional map with heatmap overlay and death location overlays
  • List of deadliest creatures for each Zone
  • Death statistics by class list and probability density function graph

Westfall death statistics

Deathlog Statistics per Instance

  • View death stats per instance. (WIP Needs more data)

Instance Stats

Deathlog Statistics by NPC/Creature

  • See what creatures do the most killing in Azeroth. Normalized and total kill ranking
  • Creature locations and models

Instance Stats

Customizable Deathlog (minilog widget)

  • Configure columns of the deathlog
  • Configure font of the deathlog

custom deathlog

Heatmap Indicator

  • Skull icon which turns red when the player is in a dangerous area

heatmap icon

Heatmap WorldMap Overlay

  • Open the world map to see an overlay of dangerous areas

Preprocessed collection

  • Over 96k deathlog entries used for statistics page
  • The file collected_entries.lua can be referenced for all entries. This file isn't actually loaded and is included for sharing.

Tooltip Information

  • View deadly ranking in npc hover over tooltip