535 Downloads Last Updated: Feb 15, 2020 Game Version: 1.13.3

Addon created for a guildmate to keep track of all the healers combined mana during raids and dungeons.


Move the bar by holding rightclick on it


Toggle show full mana, not only %
/thm toggle
Notify the party|raid|rw
/thm p|r|rw
(un)Blacklist player for this session
/thm bl <br />Toggle warnings on/off<br />/thm w toggle<br />Set warnings values for warning and critical<br />/thm w &lt;amount&gt;<br />/thm wc &lt;amount&gt;

Added support for raid warnings (default at 25% and 10%)

Can toggle on/off with: /thm w toggle

Can set values with: /thm w <amount> and /thm wc <amount>



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