Boss Ability Announcement (BAA) for DBM or BigWigs

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Immerse yourself in the world of World of Warcraft raiding with serenity and efficiency thanks to the Boss Ability Announcement (BAA) addon!

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced player, this addon is designed to help you master boss encounters by providing you with a clear and informative auditory awareness of incoming abilities.

No more late reflexes and missed reactions! Boss Ability Announcement alerts you X seconds before the impact of a major ability, giving you the time you need to react appropriately.

Key features:

  • Clear and detailed voice announcements of each boss ability, X seconds before the end of the DBM or BigWigs timer
  • Default English voice pack for current content included in the main addon
  • Additional voice packs available for current or old content, and in different languages (French, German, Spanish, etc.)
  • Work with DBM or BigWigs timers for seamless integration
  • Easy configuration for quick and intuitive setup
  • Event frame display for a clear view of the time remaining before the ability activates
  • Enable or disable voice alerts in the WoW addon configuration interface

Boss Ability Announcement: your essential ally for successful raids!

Download the addon today and dominate World of Warcraft bosses with confidence!

Download link:


Developed by:

  • Milho (Dalaran EU Realm)
  • Maseo (Cho'gall EU Realm)
  • Akramak (Cho'gall EU Realm)

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Feel free to leave a comment or contact us if you have any questions.


User guide

  • Make sure you have previously installed an updated version of DBM or BigWigs before installing this addon.
  • Install "Boss Ability Announcement" addon and activate all BAA addons in the addon list

Select the DBMEA addons to enable the core addon and the different voicepacks

  • At launch, the Event frame is shown on screen center, you can move it where you want

The addon manages an event frame that is shown X seconds before the event. Few config button are available on this frame.

  • You can launch /dbm test to see how the addon works (sounds are not played because dbm test not provides spellId for event)

The addon listen DBM events (launch /dbm test to see the result on frame, no sound is played because the dbm test no provide spell id)

  •  You can config addon directly on the frame

  • OR you can enable/desable voice alert in the wow addon config view

In the addons setting view, it is possible to enable/desable specific spells for each encounter.