Darkmoon Cards through TSM

3,224 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 15, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.5


Unsure of what Darkmoon cards you are missing to finish a deck?

Wonder how much they'll cost on the AH?

Not sure which alt has the Ace of Dominion?

Should you sell off some of your extras?


Try out this Darkmoon Cards addon.  Just use the command


You'll get a table that displays how many you have of each card, and the cheapest price on the auction house for them. Mouseover a row and see further details like:

  • which character has them
  • how many are on the ah
  • how much do they historically sell for

All this amazing information right in one screen instead of having to filter the TSM Inventory, sorting them in your head, and checking the auction house. Save minutes at a time!

Requires TradeSkillMaster to work!