198 Downloads Last Updated: Nov 8, 2019 Game Version: 1.13.2

A lightweight addon that removes Blessing of Salvation automatically. Clearing Blessing of Salvation manually, especially from Paladins who do not announce it, can drive one insane and can make tanking miserable.

Three operating modes:

On /dmn on - Always remove Blessing of Salvation

Auto /dmn auto - Remove Blessing of Salvation only when tanking (Warriors in Defensive Stance, Druids in Bear Form, Paladins with Righteous Fury)

Off /dmn off - Never remove Blessing of Salvation


Enabled/Disabled /dmn announce Toggle announcing when addon removes Blessing of Salvation.

Saved settings:

Settings are saved per character, with default mode Auto and announcements Disabled.

Additional Notes:

Unfortunately, Blizzard disallow addons from removing buffs while player is in combat. However, Damnation will remove Blessing of Salvation as soon as player leave combat.


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