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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Warcraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.


This is an add-on I put together while trying for the Higher Learning achievement in Dalaran. It's designed to facilitate easier communication of book spawns so that everyone looking for books can work together. Since the focus of this mod is to enable ease of communication between other users of the mod to keep track of books, the more people that use this mod the better it is for everyone else. So if your server has a channel dedicated to hunting the book spawns, spread the word!

List of features

  • Designed to work with the current "Higher Learning" mod. If Higher Learning is installed along with this add-on, it will store its info in Higher Learning's variables, allowing you to utilize that add-on's announcing and parsing functionality. It will however work just fine by itself.
  • Graphical progress bars to keep track of spawns. During the time between possible spawns, the bar turns green and fills up. During the time that a book could spawn, the bar turns red and drains down.
  • Everything is accomplished through the GUI, the only slash command is "/du show" if the window has been closed. To set book spawn times, simply right-click on the bar of the book you want to set.
  • Automatic server-wide communication through AceComm 2.0, whenever another user of this mod clicks a real or fake book, the book and time are broadcast to all other users of the mod, reducing the need for a special channel dedicated to book hunting.;
    Whenever a user logs in, a sync request is broadcast across the network so if anyone else has a current list of timers, yours will be updated automatically.
  • Whenever another user clicks a real book, if it's a book you don't already have, a warning message is displayed on your screen alerting you to the presence of a book spawn.
  • When another user of the mod comes within a certain distance of an area where a book is due to spawn within an hour, the bar color changes from red to yellow to indicate that the spawn is likely being actively watched.

Incoproration of Clone du_em

  • Ace2 dependency removed, due to "Ace2 is closed and will not be developed upon". Ace2 clone used
  • Include "HigherLearning" Addon in version "0.1" with new TOC, as it was not availabe anywhere else (no contact information found). Removed as Updated now under http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/higher/
  • Displays the first "cannot spawn" intervall and net next three "will most popably not spawn" intervalls, after a real or fake book was seen.
  • Watched info is allways shown, even if no time is known or books cannot spawn.
  • This makes the achievement easy soloable

Tipps and Tricks

/du show : shows DalaranUniversity frame

/hl toggle : Toggle display of the HigherLearning timer frame

HowTo do the Achievement

or more explaining: http://spicytunas.com/2008/12/higher-learning-achievement-guide/

Waypoints for TomTom

TomTom addon : http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/tomtom/

/way Dalaran 46.69 39.05 Necromancy - ULL - Shelf on second floor (The Legerdemain Lounge)
/way Dalaran 46.75 40.14 Transmutation - LLL - Shelf on first floor (The Legerdemain Lounge)
/way Dalaran 43.56 46.71 Enchantment - TOF - Small crate on second floor balcony (The Threads of Fate)
/way Dalaran 30.78 45.89 Conjuration - LVC - Shelf on first floor (The Violet Citadel)
/way Dalaran 26.49 52.21 Divination - UVC - On floor between shelves on second floor (The Violet Citadel)
/way Dalaran 52.38 54.76 Abjuration - DVC - On floor by small table and chair on first floor (Dalaran Visitor Center)
/way Dalaran 64.42 52.37 Illusion - VH - On crate (Courtyard outside The Violet Hold)
/way Dalaran 56.68 45.60 Introduction - VG - On floor by shelf on first floor (The Violet Gate)

Known issues

  • watched time sometimes wrong by 3600 seconds (DST problem ?)
  • Since both the books in the Ledgerdemain Lounge are so close together on the overhead map, a player watching either spawn will be reported as watching both spawns. Unfortunately there's no good way around this, but good positioning as watching player (ULL right of the shelf; LLL Left of the shelf)
  • The book titles I compare against for automatic detection of book clicks was pulled from WoWWiki (updated from WoWhead). During the course of my testing, I discovered that some of the titles are slightly inaccurate. I haven't had any problems in a while, but if you discover a book title that doesn't set the spawn timer, please send me the exact title of the book so I can update the mod.
  • The following only without HigherLearning:
  • Currently this mod doesn't save book spawn times when you log out. This is inconvenient if you are the only player on your server using this mod and you log out for less than 4 hours. If other players on your server are using the mod, you'll get re-synched when you log back in. If you really want your times to be saved between sessions, I would encourage you to download the Higher Learning mod, as this mod was designed to work with Higher Learning, which does save spawn times.
  • There is no option to announce book times in a channel. The Higher Learning mod already does a fine job of that, and I see no reason to duplicate that functionality. If you really want to announce book times, I would encourage you to download that mod as well.


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