Daily Global Check_Professions

Last Updated: Jun 23, 2017 Game Version: 7.2.5


Jan 18, 2015

Owner: Saregon

A plugin for Daily Global Check which tracks all of your characters' profession cooldowns.

As with the majority of DGC plug-ins, DGC-professions gives you the possibility to see the progress of both your current character and your alts. In addition to the daily cooldown for the two professions of each character it also tracks various garrison - based cooldowns and counters. At the moment these are :

  • Number of garrison resources in the Garrison Cache (this has a cap of 500 so it is important to keep it under control for alts that don't get used daily)
  • Tracks the purchase of the 3 weekly seals.
  • Herb/Mining nodes gathered
  • Garrison Inn weekly follower (requires the plugin being active while hiring it)


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