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Have you ever had a hard time finding your cursor when a battle gets crazy? CursorTrail uses a built-in, animated model to produce a glowing effect around the cursor and a bright trail when the mouse is moved.



The options window can be opened from the standard addons window, or by typing /CursorTrail or /ct.  Settings are saved separately for each of your WoW characters, so your tank (for example) can have a different cursor effect than your dps characters.

Model: A list of cursor effects to choose from.

Scale %: Controls the size of the effect. Can be 1 - 999.

Offsets: Moves the center of the effect. The first number box moves it horizontally (negative numbers move left, positive move right). The second number box moves it vertically (negative numbers move down, positive move up).

Opacity %: Controls how intense the effect is. 100% is brightest, while 0% is invisible.

Strata: Controls whether the trail effect is drawn behind or in front of other UI objects. ("Background" is the bottom-most drawing layer, and "Tooltip" is the top-most.)

Shadow %: Controls how intense the dark background circle is. 99% is darkest, while 0% is invisible.  (Note: The shadow is not affected by "Offsets" or "Strata" options.)

Fade out when idle: When on, the cursor effect fades out when the mouse stops moving.  (Note: Leave this off if "Show during Mouse Look" is turned on.)

Show only in combat: When on, the cursor effect will only appear during combat.

Show during Mouse Look: When on, the cursor effect will remain visible while using the mouse to look around.  (Note: When on, make sure "Fade out when idle" is off.)

Defaults: The default buttons each have a different set of preset values. You can use them as-is, or as a starting point for your own effect.



Note: A list of available slash commands can be seen by typing /ct help.

Note: Profiles can be saved and loaded using slash commands:

        /ct save <profile name>
        /ct load <profile name>
        /ct delete <profile name>
        /ct list

Note: If the cursor trail effect unexpectedly disappears, you can quickly get it back by typing the slash command, /ct reload.



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