CDTL2 (Cooldown Timeline)

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(Cooldown Timeline)


Creates icons/bars to keep track of various spell/item/aura cooldowns in a simple visual way


CDTL - Main 


Version 2 is an almost complete re-write of the mod, which improves in many ways over the original.
It should contain all features of version 1, while adding some new features. If you notices a missing feature, please let me know.
You can still use version 1 of the mod, and your settings will still be saved, as the new version keeps its settings separate.
This does mean that you will need to setup everything again when moving to version 2 the first time.


You can access the options via the built-in 'Interface Options', or via the following chat commands:








Alpha version for Retail is out for testing

Some things will be working others not

Please let me know how it is and what is/isnt working



  • Detects spells, items, buffs/debuffs, offensive spells (dots etc.), pet spells, and Death Knight runes
  • Setup up to 3 lanes to show cooldown icons
  • Setup up to 3 ready areas to show recently ended cooldowns
  • Setup up to 3 bar areas to show cooldowns as bars instead of icons
  • Fully customisable appearance
  • Fully customisable modes of representing time along lanes (linear/non-linear, percentage/time)
  • Show long cooldowns as bars, and transition to icons when they hit a custom threshold
  • Filters, so you can choose to only show exactly what you wish to see
  • Play a sound when a cooldown completes
  • Comes with custom sounds, textures, and a custom font
  • Use a lane to show useful information, such as Energy/Mana ticks, or the GCD
  • Highlight/pin icons to make them stand out
  • Compatible with Classic Era, TBC, and the WotLK beta


If you have any issues or requests please use the 'Issues' section.