Cooldown Timeline

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Cooldown Timeline


Creates icons along a timeline to keep track of various spell/item/aura cooldowns in a simple visual way.

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To show the options panel you can go to the built in 'Interface Options', or type one the following in-game:




Current features:

  • Auto-scans your Spellbook for abilities with a cooldown, including pet spells (pet spells can be turned off)
  • Auto-scans your Inventory and currently-equipped armour, and tracks on-use item cooldowns
  • Can track offensive auras cast on your target (for example, DoTs)
  • Highly customisable
  • Hide out of combat (unless there is something actively on cooldown)
  • Filter out which cooldowns you do not wish to see
  • Highlight specific cooldowns to make them stand out from other cooldowns
  • Show cooldowns as bars, that can transition to an icon on the timeline
  • Track various useful things such as Energy/Mana ticks or GCD in primary and/or secondary modes Masque icon support
  • Play a sound when a cooldown finishes
  • Add custom text, and show dynamic information using tags (for more info see Custom Text Tags)
  • Multiple modes that change how the icons progress down the timeline
  • Enable a fast lane to track selected cooldowns/auras separate to the main timeline
  • Can track auras under a customisable duration (useful for trinket/gear buffs)


The latest version currently only officially tested in TBC Classic, but should likely work in Classic Era.


Examples of tracking:

Primary (showing Energy ticks):

Secondary (showing Energy ticks):


Examples of the fast lane:

2 active short duration auras, in this case HoTs in the fast lane:


Latest Update Log (2.5.4-23r2):

  • Big thanks to MrFIXlT for these updates
  • Multiple fixes and cleanups


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