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ControlPanel is a system setting addon. It designed to replace the System Setting.


  • Different characters might need different profiles.
  • Many game settings are inaccessible in System Settings.

/cp or /controlpanel to open controlpanel options dialog.

ControlPanel APIs

ControlPanel can work without ControlPanel_Options. ControlPanel itself is just a CVar manager. If your need ControlPanel to manage your CVars, here are the APIs.

local ControlPanel = LibStub("AceAddon-3.0"):GetAddon("ControlPanel")
--First you need GetAddon

function ControlPanel:SetCVar(key,value)

function ControlPanel:GetCVar(key)

function ControlPanel:GetCVarBool(key)

function ControlPanel:GetCVarNumber(key)

function ControlPanel:FireCVar(key)


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