Consumable Tracker

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What is Consumable Tracker?


Tired of keeping track of your consumables?

Keep yourself stocked up on the items that matter most with Consumable Tracker!


Consumable Tracker allows you to select items in your inventory to track. Once tracked, you'll be able to set the minimum amount of that item; if the item's count drops below that amount or reaches 0, you will receive a chat notification (along with a sound, if desired) informing you to resupply after the specified time interval.


Additionally, Consumable Tracker is able to display a list of your tracked items in your chat box so you can quickly check the status of your tracked items.




  • Track items from your inventory
  • Set the minimum amount of a tracked item you wish to have.
  • If the item's count in your inventory drops below your set minimum, or hits 0, you will receive a chat notification for the item.
  • Set time intervals for each item's warning notification.
  • Adjust the text color of the warning for the item.
  • Enable or disable a sound to play when a notification is displayed for each item.
  • Display the full list of tracked items and their current/minimum amounts in the chat box to check your stock at a glance.
  • Settings for attempting to automatically restock tracked items from vendors or personal bank.


Slash Commands


/ct (or /consumabletracker)  - show the interface.

/ct help - list the slash commands in the chat box.

/ct display - displays the list of tracked items in the chat box along with their current/minimum amounts.



Special thanks to Valkraven for the inspiration to create this addon.