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Will my controller work with ConsolePort?


RETAIL & TBC CLASSIC: uses native gamepad controls, added in patch 9.0. No external software is required.

As of Shadowlands, ConsolePort has transitioned to native gamepad controls. The addon is fully integrated in the game, and most controllers will work out of the box. For Steam controllers, a default Xbox profile needs to be used in order to work with native controls. If you intend to buy a controller for use with ConsolePort, the Playstation 5 controller has the most mappable inputs and overall quality. 


CLASSIC VANILLA: requires third-party software for keyboard and mouse emulation. Using third-party software is not prohibited by Blizzard as long as it doesn't automate your gameplay.

ConsolePort Legacy supports Xbox and Dualshock 4 controllers natively, courtesy of WoWmapper. It also supports the Steam controller through their own mapping interface. ConsolePort is not restricted to those, but it is somewhat restricted to conventional controller layouts. It requires a set of atleast 14-15 buttons, which is what you'll find on any version of the PlayStation, Xbox or Logitech controllers. A current generation official controller is recommended because of their precision, build quality and superior mouse curve compared to older generations.


Instructions (Retail & TBC Classic)

Install the addon, the rest is handled by the game itself.

Instructions (Classic Era)

DualShock 4 / Xbox controller on Windows (NOT the Steam controller)

  1. 1. Download the latest release of WoWmapper.
  2. 2. Install WoWmapper and start the application.
  3. 3. Connect your controller by USB or Bluetooth. Make sure your controller is recognized in your operating system. WoWmapper will automatically detect and map your controller. 
  4. 4. Install the addon and start the game.
  5. 5. If you enable ConsolePort sync, your calibration data will automatically load when you log in. If not, you will have to calibrate manually by pressing each requested button 3 times. If you did not follow these steps correctly, you may want to close the calibration and use /cp type to change controller layout before continuing.

Steam controllers on Windows

  1. 1. Download the official mapping profile for your controller.
  2. 2. Install the ConsolePort addon in [WoW folder]/Interface/AddOns.
  3. 3. Place the controller profile in [Steam folder]/controller_base/template.
  4. 4. Start or restart Steam. Follow steps 5 for setting a desktop profile (no manual login required), or steps 6 for using Steam overlay (requires manual login).
  5. 5a. Open big picture mode. Go to Settings -> Controller -> Base Configurations -> Desktop Configuration -> Browse Configs -> Templates.
  6. 5b. Select ConsolePort Official in the list.
  7. 5c. Go back to Settings -> Features -> Steam Overlay. Disable the overlay to avoid conflicting key bindings.
  8. 5d. Exit big picture mode. Your desktop profile is now configured for ConsolePort.
  9. 6a. Add WoW-64.exe (or WoW.exe on 32-bit) to Steam as a non-steam game. Name it World of Warcraft. 
  10. 6b. Start big picture mode and find World of Warcraft in your library.
  11. 6c. Click Manage Shortcut > Configure Controller > Browse Configs.
  12. 6d. Go to the Templates tab and select ConsolePort Official in the list.
  13. 7. Start WoW, login, and calibrate your controller by pressing each prompted button 3 times. Yellow arrows signify the left touchpad, LG/RG are the grip buttons on the back.


Other controllers and operating systems



Using the addon (Classic)

Camera and mouse control

Mouse look is a feature within the game where you lock your mouse cursor in order to control the camera in 3D-space. This state is usually triggered by holding down the right mouse button. ConsolePort utilizes this feature to a great extent to keep you from having to hold down a button on the controller in order to control your character and camera. You can seamlessly use the mouse cursor when necessary, but keep it locked otherwise.

Toggles OFF automatically when:

  1. Casting mouse spells (Trap Launcher, Ring of Frost, Heroic Leap, etc.)
  2. Picking up spells, items, macros, glyphs, etc.
  3. Using R3 or right clicking.
  4. "Interact with mouseover" is triggered.

Toggles ON automatically when:

  1. Changing targets.
  2. Placing the mouse cursor on your character.
  3. Interacting with NPCs.
  4. Looting.

Mouse behaviour can be customized in the interface options to suit your own playstyle. By keeping the mouse cursor centered on screen, it's easy to pick up items, loot mobs and target things in melee range.


Virtual cursor

The virtual cursor is a replacement for the mouse when using the interface. It snaps to clickable and interactive objects across the interface. It is controlled by the D-pad for moving and the right-hand buttons to left and right click. It can be customized to your own liking, and with a bit of know-how, you can integrate other addons to work with the cursor.
Default setup:

  • Circle or B - left click
  • Square or X - right click

Custom binding manager

ConsolePort does not use the normal keybinding system at all. Initially, a wizard will ask you to click the buttons on your controller in order to bind them. If you're using WoWmapper, these settings are automatically configured for you. Beyond the initial setup, ConsolePort uses its own binding system, which can be found by clicking Controller on the game menu. With any traditional controller, you have roughly 60 possible bindings through the modifier system. You can expand the amount further by using action pages, the built-in utility ring, focus modifier and targeting cursors.

Virtual keyboard

The virtual keyboard is a replacement for typing, if you want to skip using keyboard altogether. This unconventional way of typing has a steep learning curve, but is eventually much faster than moving a virtual cursor across a virtual QWERTY-layout. It is controlled by moving the left stick around while pressing buttons on the right hand side. Using your modifiers will swap out the character sets. The keyboard has 8 circles with 4 buttons inside them, each containing 4 different combinations. It is highly customizable; it has a total of 128 combinations, and you can change any of them to be whatever you want.

For anyone that still uses a keyboard side-by-side with their controller, the keyboard can be disabled; untick it as a separate add-on in the list of installed add-ons, or temporarily turn it off through its own interface panel in the controller configuration.

World interaction

Interacting with the game world can only be done the conventional way; by clicking the mouse or using interaction bindings. ConsolePort cannot aid in looting and clicking items on the ground, apart from keeping the cursor centered and ready to use. This is a restriction designed by Blizzard to prevent gameplay automation and there's currently no API that allows for mouse-free interaction.

Use R3 (right stick button), "Interact with mouseover" or the dual purpose interact button to click items in 3D-space, loot mobs and interact with NPCs. Constantly clicking the right stick with your thumb might be straining in the long run, which is why it's highly recommended to use mouseover interaction or the configurable interact button instead.