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Thank you to everyone that use this addon it is a good feeling to see so many gaining from something I invest time in.


Conflict Rotation Optimizer or ConRO is a rotation aid with a few goals in mind.

Even the most experienced player can benefit when ConRO removes the hesitation. Programmed with the player in mind and adjusted no matter what talents you choose to optimize your damage output.


ConRO supports low level toons once you select a specialization! If your just starting out a new character ConRO will add the new spells you learn into your rotation as you learn them.


ConRO can help you learn a new class and spec. With not only a DPS display but also a Defense display, interrupt and offensive dispel visual notifiers, and your Burst Cooldown indicator. 


All specs supported for interrupts, offensive dispels, and defensive rotation.

Damage and Tank specs support dps rotation and burst cooldowns.

Healers due to the nature of the role will not offer a heal rotation.


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 Thanks to the support of some of you players I am able to restart my subscription and set aside time needed to update ConRO.
I truly appreciate the support and donations guys. It goes to show that with enough people even $1 donations can allow me to put in time for these updates and keep this addon going for everyone.

If you would like to help support the addon, https://paypal.me/Vae2009.






If you find any errors in this addon please feel free to leave a comment or join Discord. Suggestions for new features are also welcome.