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The single best feature of Conditioner:

  • Tired of thinking? Conditioner automatically re-arranges icons on your screen to let you know what button you should push next!

Conditioner thinks for you!

  • Conditioner is an AddOn to assist with the tracking of your desired combat rotation, cooldowns, and any active buffs or debuffs similar to other popular AddOns but with crucial improvements in visual information.

Prioritize more important spells:

  • Drag and drop spells from your spell book into a docked widget to organize your rotation which will be sorted and displayed by priority and their current cooldown on your screen.

Actually be able to see the game instead of your buffs/hotbars!

  • Enjoy seeing the game instead of scanning your hotbar for which spell is going to come off cooldown first, Conditioner will sort it for you and let you know which skill to use based on how soon it will be ready and other custom settings you choose!

Set it, forget it, and share it!

  • Persists through game sessions.
  • Remembers what Specialization/Talents you have set up and stores information unique to each spec/character you have.
  • Easy to use and manipulate, resize, and adjust.
  • Create and SHARE rotations with your friends or impress strangers who may not even play World of Warcraft!
  • Especially useful for learning new classes, specs, or rotations.
  • More features will be added throughout the development process based on feedback and iteration. Post comments, tell me how bad it is and how much better it NEEDS to be. I AM HERE FOR YOU! <3