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ColorPickerPlus replaces the standard Color Picker to provide

  • color specification through a hue bar and gradient box
  • text entry for colors (RGB, hex, and HSV)
  • text entry for the alpha value (transparency/opacity)
  • a 36-swatch color palette that can be used for copy/paste
  • a class color palette
  • a copy/paste independent of palettes
  • a movable frame
  • a color swatch for the color to be replaced
  • a color swatch for the chosen color

With these enhancements, you can precisely describe a color and coordinate colors within and between add-ons.


Left-click on a palette swatch will choose that color.

Shift-left-click on a palette swatch will save the chosen color into the palette.

To switch between the customizable palette and the class color palette, click the button labelled "@".


Control-left-click on the chosen color will print the decimal RGB values for the color into the chat window. This was added as a utility for add-on developers.


Useful external tools for generating color palettes:   and



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