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10.1.5 UPDATE:

This addon wont be update since 10.1.5, because blizzard change the micromenu texutre, it's much better now, so you probably dont need it anymore. Addon page won't remove, addon still usable in 10.1.5, and still can use with UIMicroMenu: flat and bright texture if you still like flat style texture.



Origin directions:


Addon make your micromenu colorful, will be better look.

Due to blizzard add micromenu to edit mode, all options removed, keep doing a simple color changer.


can use with UIMicroMenu: flat and bright texture, to get best look.

(because Curseforge cannot upload texture straightly, you need to visit wowinterface to download texture.)




No in-game GUI, can edit colors in lua file if you want.

You can edit lua file with any text editor, even windows notepad, save change and /reload after you edit.


no plan for GUI because I think this should be a simple light addon with very low update frequency after steady. I personally don't like a gui takes triple or more usage than the featrue core, feel put the cart before the horse.


Use WA string if you want in-game GUI for color picker frame or don't want use standalone addon.