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Since Combining the Quest log with the World Map, there is no way to quickly collapse all zones/categories in the quest list without a script. This simple addon adds a button to the World map above the quest log that collapses all zones in the list for better visibility of the quests you want to see.


Also adds expand/collapse buttons at the top of Profession Recipe list, Reputation, and Currency Frames. 


I am open to suggestions and requests for new frames or features, but I'm not very good at scripting and some of the frames are more difficult than others


6/14/2023 - Added Collapse/expand to EncounterJournal for Overview and Ability headers.  The Abilities expand gets wierd because the header numbers aren't always in order. Usually hitting expand again will get any that were missed. Mostly a problem when there are a large number of headers.


5/2/2023 - Removed LootHistory expand/collapse buttons. Blizz changed LootHistory.lua and the functions needed are gone. I'll look into fixing it when I have time.

Update 5/28 - LootHistory buttons will not be fixed as they aren't needed.  LootHistory now uses GroupLootHistoryFrame and rolls are shown in a tooltip so no need to collapse/expand.


Older updates:


3/2/2023 - Add collapse/expand buttons to LootHistoryFrame *Removed because no longer needed. See above


12/12/2022 - Added Collapse and Expand buttons for Reputation and Currency Frames. 

  ****Rep is a little weird, The CollapseAllFactionHeaders leaves the sub-factions headers visible, however if you collapse with the built-in button, then expand with the CQL button, it disappears entirely.  

Fix is to recollapse/expand with the built-in button for the expansion header.  I'll try to figure this out later, if anyone has any suggestions to fix, please let me know.****


12/4/2022-With a ton of help from the forums, Rewrote Tradeskill scripts to eliminate SetCollapseState Lua errors and update the +/- indicators on RecipeList headers.  Big Thanks to Tyreith!!


10/26/2022-Got some help with professions buttons.  Collapse and expand buttons restored for Tradeskill/Professions windows.  Buttons have been moved closer to the Recipe List instead of top right corner of overall frame.


10/25/2022-Removed Collapse/Expand buttons for Tradeskill window.  API has changed alot with Dragonflights UI updates and this got broken.  Working on a fix but not ready yet. 



11/18/2020-Disabled the slash command and right-click drag.  they were causing the buttons to show in wierd places (not where they were dragged previously) 

Added Expand button for Questlog and Tradeskill window.  Will combine these as a toggled button when (if?) i can.


1/27/2020 :: Added Collapse button for the Tradeskill window.  Works the same as with the Quest Log.  Seems to work with primary and secondary professions.


7/25/2018 :: The button has been moved to the QuestScrollFrame instead of WorldMapFrame. This way it won't be needlessly shown when the map is maximized, only in the small map mode with the quest log open.  The button has been made draggable, Right-click on the button and drag it wherever you like.  Also added a slash command to reset in case it gets lost off screen or behind another part of the UI, use /cqlreset to put it back to the default position.