Clicked is a World of Warcraft addon with the goal of improving keybinds and macros. The addon adds a configuration window from where all keybinds can be configured to do something.

There is an extreme amount of freedom in configuring exactly what a keybind does by creating bindings. A binding can do anything from casting a spell to using an item to running a custom macro. Alongside from configuring what a binding does, you are also able to specify the exact target priority for that binding and configure the conditions under which the binding should load.

When configuring multiple bindings on one keybind, Clicked will automatically combine their functionality and allow the keybind to perform either action depending on the context.

Additionally Clicked adds support for the binding of all mouse buttons in case you prefer clicking on a unit frame to cast something.


  • Create keyboard and mouse button bindings for spells, items, cancelauras, and custom macros
  • No performance impact during gameplay
  • Create globally available bindings, or profile specific bindings
  • Easily import your action bar layout
  • Cast spells without action bars
  • Cast spells by clicking on unit frames
  • Easily select spells from the spellbook
  • Easily import the entire spellbook
  • Configure binding target priorities
  • Configure binding load conditions
  • Configure macro conditionals
  • Configure multiple bindings on the same keybind
  • Configure custom macros without taking up a macro slot
  • Configure a unit frame blacklist
  • Automatically unload and unlock keybinds while in a vehicle

Configure binding target priorities

You can use the binding target interface to configure the exact target priority. When the binding is activated, Clicked will try to cast the assigned spell or item on each target configured, if the conditions of a target are not met, or if the target does not exist it will try the next target until a valid target is found.

You can mix and match a variety of targets and target conditions in one binding, Clicked will automatically adjust the UI so that the targets list always makes sense, for example it won't allow targets after selecting yourself as a target, since that will not be reachable ever.

A full list of all available targets:

  • Default behaves like the default behavior you would get from putting an ability on your action bar
  • Player (you)
  • Target
  • Target of target
  • Mouseover target
  • Target of mouseover target
  • Focus target
  • Cursor position will cast on your cursor's position, mainly for placable AoE abilities
  • Pet
  • Pet target
  • Party 1-5
  • Arena 1-3

In addition to the unit to cast on, you can also configure (optional) modifiers for that target:

  • Friendly
  • Hostile
  • Alive
  • Dead

Binding target configuration

Configure binding load conditions

You can configure the exact load conditions on a per-target basis, through this interface you can specify the exact requirements that have to be met for this binding to activate. For example you can configure a binding to only load when a talent has been selected, when you're in war mode, or when you're in a specific zone.

A full list of all available load conditions:

  • Never load will prevent the binding from loading entirely
  • Player Name-Realm checks if your name/realm matches the input
  • Class checks if you are of the selected class(es)
  • Race checks if you are of the selected race(s)
  • Talent specialization checks if you are in the selected talent specialization(s)
  • Talent selected checks if you have the selected talent(s) active
  • PvP talent selected checks if you have the selected PvP talent(s) active
  • War Mode checks if you are in the selected War Mode state
  • (not) in zone(s) checks if you are (not) in the specified zone(s)
  • Spell known checks if you can currently cast the specified spell or ability
  • In group checks if you are in the specified group type (solo, party, raid)
  • Instance type checks if you are in the specified instance type(s) (none, arena, battleground, dungeon, raid)
  • Player in group checks if the specified player is in your group
  • Item equipped checks if the specified item is equipped

Binding load conditions

Configure macro conditionals

These map directly to the macro conditionals found here. Most of them are negatable, allowing for nearly all conditional functionality macros offer without writing a single line of text.

  • Stance (or Form) checks if you are in the selected stance(s) or shapeshift form(s)
  • Combat checks if you are in the selected combat state
  • Pet checks if your pet is active
  • Stealth checks if you are stealthed
  • Mounted checks if you are mounted
  • Outdoors checks if you are outdoors
  • Swimming checks if you are swimming
  • Channeling checks if you are channeling a specific item or spell, or just in general
  • Flying checks if you are flying
  • Flyable checks if you are in an area that permits flying
  • Advanced flyable (or Dragonriding) checks if you are in an area that permits Dragonriding

Configure multiple bindings on the same keybind

You can configure as many bindings on the same keybind as you want, Clicked will automatically and dynamically prioritize the spell, item, or macro to activate based on the configuration of all bindings sharing the same keybind.

Binding 1 Binding 2

With the above configuration, Clicked will automatically combine the Flash of Light and Crusader Strike bindings and generate a macro:

/cast [@target,help] Flash of Light; [@target,harm] Crusader Strike; [@player] Flash of Light

This all happens at the time of configuration, so Clicked has no additional performance impact during gameplay at all.

Configure custom macros without taking up a macro slot

In addition to the ability to cast spells and use items, Clicked also supports creating bindings for custom macros. These custom macros benefit from all the same customizable load conditions, and aim to provide access to functionality that is more than just casting a spell or using an item.

Do note that while it is also possible to create custom macros to cast spells or use items, it's not recommended to do so as they do not benefit from the smart targeting functionality, custom macros are usable alongside regular bindings, but their functionality is for the most part restricted to executing either before or after the automatically generated macro that is used by "Cast a spell" or "Use an item" bindings, hence it is highly recommended to use those instead.

In the case where you feel like you need to use custom macros a lot, feel free to create a feature request explaining what you need them for, so that functionality can be added as a built-in option.

Custom macros


To get started with Clicked, open the binding configuration window, either by typing /clicked in the chat frame, or by clicking on the minimap button.

Binding configuration window

Slash commands

The main slash command is /clicked. Additionally /cc works as an alias for all slash commands.

  • Use /clicked to open the binding configuration window
  • Use /clicked profile to quickly navigate to the profile management options
  • Use /clicked blacklist to quickly navigate to the unit frame blacklist options
  • Use /clicked dump to generate a debugging log of the current state

Issues and support

See the GitHub Issue tracker.

Please include the output from /cc dump if you have any issues, if there are any specific binding that are causing issues please include information about which ones are problematic.


See the changelog on GitHub. The changelog contains release notes for all released versions, and also upcoming versions.


Clicked is inspired by Clique.