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Intro: CLC DK is a mod designed to put all the necessary Death Knight information together in an easy to see display. The creator hated looking all over the screen for multiple pieces of information (Disease Duration, Cooldowns, buff durations, GCD timer, runic power, runes, etc.). So he developed this addon to have all the information in one place. He then noticed there was a sort of similar addon called clcret that helped ret and prot pallies with their rotation. He decided to borrow the idea and have a priority box suggest the next action. I came along some time later, and having been distressed by the lack of knowledge most players had about how to effectively play Death Knights, found this addon to be an amazing help when I referred people to it. I made use of the CD and rune display as well and after the original author stopped support I found that I missed it dearly. Other DK runebars out there simply didn't have the flare, versatility, or the extra CD tracking functionality. I got in touch with him and he honored me with the role of continuing the project. Since a serious overhaul was needed to make it function in MoP, I quickly became invested in it, and began take great pride in this little piece of art. After I stopped playing some years later, other addons came to popularity and CLC DK drifted slowly into memory. Now, with the release of WotLK Classic I have returned to resurrect the project. Here is how it works.

Features: (See pictures above for a better idea)

The following list represents the addon as it was during its most recent retail release.

Items with a * after them may not be available for the classic version of the addon.

Runes: The Rune cool-down is an borrowed idea from some ideas that popped up on EJ years ago.

  • = rune is off cool-down.
    X = on full cool-down.
    number =how many seconds is left on the rune.
    -Graphical Runes option displays growing bars to represent time remaining, making it easy to approximate them at a quick glance.*

Runic Power: Self Explanatory.

Frost Fever and Blood Plague Durations: Self Explanatory.

Priority System: -options to include/exclude diseases, talents and CDs in the rotation.
-option to show recommended AoE priority as a smaller icon included in the priority window. *
-option to suggest when to interrupt.*
What the Priority is, and is not:
-Rotation support for all three specs
-This is intended for Single Target Boss Fights
-This is only a base rotation, sort of a starting point. There is allot more that goes into a rotation, and I suggest you read up on that. Whether it be on EJ, Noxxic, Icy-veins or some other theory-crafting page.
-There is going to be some situations where your own judgment is going to be better (Pestilence, refreshing disease before you run out, etc.).
-That being said, I have put a lot of work into designing the rotation to be as optimal as possible.

-There are eight(four in classic) cool-downs you can customize.
-You can hide each set of two (right set, left set, far right set, far left set)
-These include all DK cooldowns, as well as important buffs and procs (such as Killing Machine, Sudden Doom etc.), and trinkets.*

Disease Tracker:
-tracks your diseases across multiple targets*

Customize: Visual Settings:
Normal - which shows the frame only in combat or while targeting an enemy.
Show - which will always show the frame.
Hide - which will always hide the frame.

-Can adjust transparency and scale
-Can hide any aspect you do not want in the addon*
-Can move any aspect of the addon to any part of the screen you want.*

-While running it is at about 240-270 kb in memory. (78kb in classic)

Q: Can you make the priority icon clickible or bind it to a hotkey?
A: No, it is impossible to do with the changes blizzard made back in BC.

Q: Diseases don't seem to be tracked in the priority, whats up?
A: Check the options (/clcdk) and look under "Disease Options" and make sure its set to what you want.

Q: Does it work for tanking?
A: Yes and no. While it shows you a basic single target rotation, it will not show you when to use cooldowns, or when to use more aoe threat moves, again like DPS priority, its a starting point, not a scripture.

Q: I want you to add something to the rotation.
A: For the most part, rotations are pretty much set in stone based on the best single target rotation. Most stuff I will NOT add for multiple reasons, mainly that most moves are extremely situational and you should really learn when to use them. If the addition makes sense and is decent utility, I may add it. I'm still throwing some things up in the air on this topic.

Q: I have a CD or Buff that isn't being tracked.
A: Tell me what it is and I will add it. I have tried my best to add all cooldowns, but I might miss a few (especially ones in specs I don't play that often). This is particularly true of trinkets. If there is a trinket you would like tracked that it is not recognizing just tell me what it is. There are far toomany to be sure I get them all.

Q: I think I have found a bug, what do I do?
A: Leave a comment or send me a private message with as much information as you can. Just saying that there is a problem does not help me at all. Send me screenshots, which version it started happening in?, is it only one spec?, does it occur with default settings? etc.

Q: Why is there a rotation? Deathknight rotation is easy enough.
A: The entire intention of the rotation is for new deathknights to learn the rotation easily, and know what moves to do in different situations. There is much much more into a rotation, and if you know of these things, you should hide the rotation by changing the icon to something different. (/clcdk -> Cooldown Options -> Priority Dropdown)

Contact: -Any suggestions on how to improve the addon or any bugs, please leave a comment and I should respond in a few days.

Curse: http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/clc-dk.aspx

This addon is only being supported through Curse as of this time. WowInterface update forthcoming.

Thanks: Baine for German Translations (deDE)
yeah-chen for Chinese (znCN) and Taiwan (zhTW) Translations
Everyone who has used this addon and helped make it better.
Very special thanks to the original author Nuta, for coming up with this whole thing, and giving me the honor of continuing it.