Another addon control panel.  This addon allows you to enable (or disable) your addons quickly and efficiently utilizing three tiers; #1-Globally (all characters), #2-Class Specific (all characters of a specified class), #3-Individually (a specfic individual character).

For example; you may have Bagnon set globally so it loads on all characters.  While you may have VuhDo set class specific for your priests, shamans, druids, etc. And while you may have your auction alt Auctionmeiser as your only character which has your auction addons enabled.

Very simple to use and easy to maintain, especially when you have multiple accounts and alts.  The inspiration for this addon came from BetterAddonList which is a great addon as well.  It allows you to set a lock on addons that you want to load on every character you log in with by pressing shift plus clicking on the enable checkbox.

This addon does two additional things.

It extends that feature to let you lock addons to load for every character that is a specified class.  The way you specify which addons are class specific is simple.  Log into any character that is the class and hold down the control key while clicking on the checkbox which enables the addon.  You will then see a class image icon next to the addon and whenver you log onto any character of that class the addon will load.

It also overrides the default UI character specific settings.  You will have to turn on newly installed addons in the way you intended.  When you install a new addon you can quickly and efficiently set it to #1-enabled globally for all characters (do so by logging into any character and using shift plus click) #2-enabled for class specific characters (do so by logging into a class you want it enabled for and using control plus click).  Note; you can enable healer addons on all your healer classes (you are not limited to picking only one). #3-enabled only for one individual character (do so by logging onto the specific character and clicking normally).  Note; handy if you only have one auction character that you enable your auction house addons for. Or in case you just want to play around with and test an addon without compromising your settings.

The reason I wrote this is because I have classes like my priest where I use VuhDo for healing, my paladins where I run meters only on them (I multibox).  I also have my auction alts where I only load my auction addons with them.

I have so many accounts and so many alts that the best solution I ever found was BetterAddonList.  So I enable my main common addons with it.  Then that sticks me with the default UI in regards to character specific addons.  So I have to set up each and every priest, paladin, auction alt, etc...

Then when I want to mess around with a new addon and I install it... the default UI sets it enabled individually for each and every character I have.  The only way to quickly turn it off on all my chars is to turn off all addons and let BetterAddonList turn back on the main common ones but then I have to reset up all my priests, paladins, auction chars, etc...  So I shy away from trying new addons, but even still I end up redoing my settings all the time (it seems like).  Well in any case,  I finally got sick of that and wrote this addon.  I can finally enable my addons fast and efficiently and only one time! (per account anyway, lol).