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Hey everyone!


To make the process of forming groups less time consuming and actually let people focus on playing the game this project came to be.  I would appreciate any feedback regarding which features should or should not be included and how they could be improved on. Feel free to submit it as a comment below!


Planned Features for TBC Classic:

  • If someone signs up to your group that requires an attunement, it will display if that person has finished it, preventing  awkward moments
  • Filtering by dungeon difficulty


Features that you might now know about.


  • You can set a keybind to open and close the mainwindow in your Keybindsettings under the category "Other".
  • Creating Groups with the addon will parse the chat for LFG messages and will display those players to you, making it easy to not miss people in the chat that wanna join your group!




I am currently looking for translators to translate the addon into chinese, spanish, french, portuguese and italian. If you want to help out just post a comment below or send me a DM.

Currently supported Clients:

  • English
  • German
  • Russian
  • Korean
  • Chinese

Update 05/12/2021:
The Addon was ported to TBC Classic and is fully functional.


To join the discussion and get the latest information about the state of the addon and future features join our Discord.


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