Classic Camera Distance

74,617 Downloads Last Updated: May 31, 2022 Game Version: 2.5.4  

This addon uses a single function to set the cameraDistanceMaxZoomFactor CVar to tested maximum.


There are no options or toggles; it was specifically uploaded to avoid these options.


If you desire this type of functionality I highly recommend adding it in yourself and creating your own CurseForge project; you can download this addon to start your project, just edit the title and author, you can do it!


This can be done with a macro or script, but an addon can simplify UI synchronization over multiple realms and characters.


See macros below:



/run ConsoleExec("cameraDistanceMaxZoomFactor 3.34")

/run SetCVar("cameraDistanceMaxZoomFactor", 3.34)



/run ConsoleExec("cameraDistanceMaxZoomFactor 2.6")

/run SetCVar("cameraDistanceMaxZoomFactor", 2.6)