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ClassicBestiary aka Classic Bestiary aka Classic Beastiary



Displays creature ability information in the game tooltip when available. Hold Control while hovering over a unit to display descriptions for spells.

This uses a database generated via scraping Wowhead for creature abilities over the set of units in Questie's database. Some abilities reported by Wowhead like "Dazed" have been omitted, and repeated spells with similar names or tooltips have been combined. For duplicate abilities, the one with the "best" (currently, longest) description is selected.

Because of this, some ability tooltips may display incorrect values or might be missing, but if it's there it should be accurate enough to judge what it does. Many creatures are missing ability information and many have some nonsense spells included, so this addon can never be 100% reliable.

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Inspired by - tooltip effect code has been adapted from there.