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Introducing our Classic WoW addon - an innovative tool designed to vividly reflect your character's progress via a unique numerical score. Classic Score keeps an eye on your character's activities and allocates values to each task, turning every bit of your effort into tangible points.


How does it work? Here's an overview: 


Leveling: Each level gained translates to points, visibly quantifying your advancement.
Geared Equipment: Every item your character possesses receives a point value determined by its item level and rarity.
Questing: All quests are tracked and rewarded with a score upon completion. Scores are XP-based and factor in quest difficulty.
Killing Mobs: Each defeated mob adds to your score, with the points calculated according to the XP from the kill, including a multiplier bonus based on mob difficulty.
Professions: Each level in any profession gains you points, with significant bonus points awarded at various milestones. Even if you switch professions, your points stay intact, ensuring every bit of your progress is valued.
Reputations: All reputation progress is tracked and rewarded, with bonus points for achieving particular status tiers with factions.
Discovery: Discovering new zones to boost your score, a dream for every born explorer.

It is important for us that you connect to your friends even more, so we have added guild notifications every 10 character levels and when you reach a new Rank.

On your journey, you earn Milestones and unlock Achievements.

Our addon roadmap includes:
1. The addon itself, is already complete, which tracks all these activities and more.
2. A client application, currently in development, that stores your character data locally and lets you view your characters' progress over time.
3. Cloud integration, also in development, automatically uploads your character data for easy access and exciting potential features.
4. A future website where you can view your characters and their achievements online.

Our addon also opens doors for community events, such as the Classic Score Ladder, allowing real-time ranking and custom event creation for guilds or friend groups. You'll also be able to view other players' scores in-game, much like Raider.IO in retail WoW.


Together, let's take the game we love to a whole new level!


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