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Classic Loot Assistant

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Classic Loot Assistant

This addon assists with looting in raids. For it to work perfectly in a raid group, everyone should have it installed.


This addon was initially made to handle looting of core hounds, but has since then been expanded to support some other useful features.

  • Shows who can loot Core Hounds and Ancient Core Hounds that dies
  • Shows the master looter when a creature is lootable by more than one person (contains boe loot)
  • Can track down who in the raid has the Aqual Quintessence in their inventory


/cla players

This will show all the players in the group with the addon installed.

/cla aq

Shows all the players in the group with the Aqual Quintessence in their inventory

/cla inspect itemId

Allows you to inspect who has a specific item by passing the items id.

For example the Greater Fire Protection Potion has an item id of 13494 - so the command /cla inspect 13494 would show you all players with this item in your inventory (if they have the addon).

By default only raid leaders or promoted raid members can inspect you

/cla hs

Shows all the players in the group with Hourglass Sand

Todo list

  • Exclude bosses from loot-tracking (they will always have loot)
  • Introduce a GUI to customize settings and allow setup of which creatures to track for skinning