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Classic Frames

This AddOn restores the pre 10.x UI Frames and Unit Frames.
The goal of this AddOn is to make the frames work and look exactly like they used to.
Frames that have been reverted to their pre 10.x version so far:

  • PlayerFrame
  • TargetFrame
  • TargetofTargetFrame
  • FocusFrame
  • VehicleFrame
  • PartyFrame
  • BossFrame
  • TotemFrame
  • LootFrame
  • UI Frames
  • Scrollbars
  • Bags
  • Nameplate icons
  • MirrorTimers (breath, fatigue etc)
  • ClassPowerBars (soul shards, combo points etc)
  • Achievement alerts
  • Minimap (make sure to set scale to 100% in editmode)
  • LFG Eye

Please report any bugs/issues in the comments.