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Classic Enchanced

  • Makes mana bar lighter blue color for better visibility.
  • Nameplates should respect UI scale.
  • Disables screen glow to remove environmental haze.
  • Larger camera zoom.
  • Allow usage of arrow keys inside chat.
  • Increase chat history.
  • Remove Blizzard gryphons from the main bar.
  • Adds bag search option.
  • Durability of equiped gear label in character stats pane.
  • Adds red overlay over spells in main bar if out of range.
  • Adjust the position of the casting bar slightly higher from the bottom.
  • Automatically initiates gear repairs upon interacting with a merchant.
  • Draws a grid on a screen if Ctrl+Alt+Shift is being pressed.
  • Shows druid mana bar when in shapeshifting form.
  • Increases the list size of Quest Log.